Our Company

  • Solidarity Company
  • 21 years experience in management of health clubs, Aqua Center and diving centers.
  • A total of 32 spa centers + 6 Aqua Centers + 3 diving centers have been run.
  • Stars Group was established in 2006 as a joint venture company and has experience in the field of tourism since 1998 as the company started to work in the field of tourism management of health clubs for hotels and renting them from the hotel, which reached 32 health clubs and became the leading company in this area where it was the first and unique in Development and took first place in the number of health clubs and in light of the development in the field of tourism began the company in the development of strategy, where contracted with the American company Golds Gym in 2011, has received all the specifications to be the owner of the agency and the Red Sea in the Red Sea, Financial in Hurghada and continue to develop more and more. The company has established 6 Lotus Aqua Center, 3 dive centers and safari station at the highest level. It is considered the largest station and owns the largest number of jeeps and bish pajes under development and looking for the best and best despite the conditions and challenges that the tourism investment sector faced during the revolution of January 25th The company did not stop investing in it. It invaded the hotel management field. The company operated the Mirage Hotel and the Mirage Aqua Hotel. Currently, the company owns shares in the new Mirage Bay Hotel (formerly Lilly Land Hotel), which is responsible for its management. Cell.

Think about the company and its strategy

  • We hope to expand in the field of tourism investment and create new ideas and projects in tourism and reach the company's name for the highest level and development.